About Dr. Grice

Amy GriceAs an experienced veterinarian with strong business credentials, I consult with and advise veterinarians and practice owners on a wide variety of projects and challenges.

I provide practices with strategic analyses and planning to guide their future paths. I am an active speaker in multiple venues, seeking to bring clarity, perspective and education to all those in the veterinary industry. I participate in market research, seeking to improve opportunities for veterinarians and their partners. I facilitate groups, leading diverse participants to shared solutions. I am a servant leader, using my skills to help others.

Dr. Amy GriceTwo things have defined my life from my earliest memories: my love of animals and my desire to be a veterinarian. On my path to achieving this goal, I had many cats, dogs, and horses share my life.  Before and during veterinary school, I worked in several small animal hospitals in a technical role, and loved the opportunity to help people with keeping their pets healthy. However, my passion was horses, and I am fortunate to have enjoyed a 25 year career in an exclusively equine practice. As the practice grew, we recognized the need for business acumen and management skills.  I developed the role of managing partner and represented the practice as a member of a veterinary management study group, VMG 8, for many years.   I discovered that, like me, most practitioners need more business skills and knowledge, beyond the scope of CE and management journals, and often struggle with the challenges of running a busy practice.  As such, I undertook and completed an MBA program while practicing full-time. In order to deliver these skills and empower other clinicians, I have developed my consultancy firm with the goal to become a trusted resource for other veterinarians when they need help in achieving success and satisfaction in their professional lives. I am passionate about using my leadership skills to help veterinarians.

I have two adult sons. I live in the mountains in Virginia City, MT with my oldest son, and share my life with my Beagles and horses. Riding is my favorite hobby, and I also enjoy hiking, photography, reading and baking.

Dr. Amy Grice

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