Consultant and Advisor

servicesAs an experienced veterinarian with strong business credentials, I consult with and advise veterinarians, practice owners, and industry partners on a wide variety of projects and challenges. I deliver solutions for the challenges of hiring new associates, bringing new partners on board, getting the most out of practice software, planning expansion, and shaping the path of practice growth. I participate in market research, seeking to improve opportunities for veterinarians and their industry partners.


I am an active speaker in multiple venues, seeking to bring clarity, perspective and education to all those in the veterinary industry. I tremendously enjoy public speaking and teaching, and have an effective approachable presence. My passion is to bring knowledge and insight in a way that empowers people to change their lives.


I facilitate groups, guiding the acquisition of new skills or leading diverse participants to shared solutions. My experience and communication skills also allow me to help others navigate through the troubled waters or difficult negotiations we all face from time to time in business. I am a servant leader, using my skills to help others.


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