In the words of my clients…

As a solo equine veterinarian, my work is a big part of my life. Having a healthy business is essential to having a happy life. Dr. Amy Grice practiced as an equine veterinarian for 25 years, she has first-hand knowledge of the ups and downs that come with our profession. Dr. Grice has a special talent for finding and emphasizing the good and minimizing the bad through her varied knowledge of veterinary practice and business. When I have a problem or need advice about my business Dr. Grice is the first person I call. She comes up with solutions to problems I thought were unsolvable. I would recommend any veterinarian consult with Dr. Grice about their business whether they have a problem or want to avoid one. She will improve your business and subsequently your life.

— Carly Ross DVM, Ross Equine

I have known Dr. Amy Grice for several years now and I can honestly say that when I have a practice problem she is my first call. She understands all of the facets of running a successful veterinary business, not the least of which is her knowledge of the challenges specific to women in practice as well as the struggles involved in establishing a new or improved veterinary practice. As a mentor and a veterinarian she fully understands how business meets day to day practice and is genuinely invested in helping others reach their individual goals.

— Liz Fish DVM, Shadowrock Equine

With her background working for decades in a group hospital practice, Dr. Amy Grice clearly understands the dynamics of small, closely-held businesses, and provides intuitive, goal-oriented strategies with keen attention to practice culture and group dynamics. She also takes pains to understand local issues of community, culture, and competitiveness, yet her consultation offers valuable perspective on national trends affecting the veterinary industry.

Dr. Grice backs-up her first-hand knowledge of veterinary practice management with deep insight into human nature. She listened closely to my goals and concerns, and made recommendations that balanced objective management outcomes like “practice growth” and “profitability” with more subjective measures like “quality-of-life” and other non-professional goals.

And beyond these goals, Dr. Grice attentively collected background information related to my business and marketplace, and provided deep and fundamental insight into a broad array of business practices. She helped me by providing outcomes-based deadlines, and offered important strategies to implement and manage change in my practice.

In short, Dr. Amy Grice is a vet’s vet and her consultation has been extremely valuable for my practice.

— Dr. Pete Heidman, Montana Equine Medical & Surgical Center, Three Forks, MT


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